About InnerTango

InnerTango is both, a joyful activity and a therapeutic technique that fosters personal growth by deepening the body-awareness and the expression of internal states through shared dance movements. It combines elements from Tango dance and music, bodywork and inner movements as well as focusing experiential psychotherapy.

It is a way to reach internal meanings, bodily routed, about our human experiencing and also about the way we relate with others, particularly with those of a different gender. That is how we gain better understanding about those meanings, to increase their acceptance or eventually, to modify them.

InnerTango is, also, an optimal path for developing a more equilibrated sense of self, as it helps us get in touch with our body axes and inner source of strength and positive self-regard.

All that inspired by the beauty of Tango music and dance which, by itself, provides the adequate environment and stimuli for acquiring a sense of harmony: within us, and with the music, the partner and the world around us.

InnerTango is recommended for deepening self-knowledge, rebuilding a healthy connection with our body and exploring feelings. It is also recommended as a complementary therapy for psychological disorders such as relational difficulties, psychosomatic pain and stress management.