22-26/09/09 Maennedorf Switzerland
Meeting At the Edge (MAE) Focusing in the body-oriented professions, international workshop.
-A workshop of Innertango + Focusing was offered at MAE.

07/10/09 Opening of the Athens group
-There is a regular group of Innertango working once a week at TEXNOROI dance school, Alkamenous 175, Athens.

16/10/09 Workshop in Xanthi, Greece
-An Innertango workshop was offered in the city of Xanthi, organized by the Cultural Organization FEX.

31/10-01/11/09 4th Symposium of Art-Therapy, Athens
-Presentation of Innertango through a poster-stand.

21/11/09 Workshop in Heraklion, Greece
-Innertango workshop in the city of Heraklion, Crete island, at the school “Dance spirit”.

22/11/09 Workshop in Rethymno, Greece
-Innertango workshop in the city of Rethymno, Crete island, at the dance school “Bailando Fuerte”.

5-10/05/10 22nd International Focusing Conference, Karlsruhe, Germany
-A three hours workshop of Innertango + Focusing is being offered for the international focusing community. (

20-23/05/10 2nd Hellenic Congress of Art and Psychiatry, Chania-Crete, Greece
-The Innertango workshop “The healing power of Tango” is aimed at the Greek psychic-health professionals and art-therapists.

27/05/10 Lecture about “Why dancing Tango is therapeutic?” Athens, Greece
-Lecture addressed by Dr Federico Trossero, the founder of “Tango-Therapy”. Innertango is presented as a Person-Centered and Focusing-oriented approach of Tango-Therapy. It takes place in Ianos ( Stadiou 24, Athens. The event is organized under the auspices of the Argentinian Embassy in Greece.

28-30/05/10 Intensive Tango-Therapy Seminar Aegina island, Greece
-Intensive seminar of Dr. Trossero method of Tango-Therapy for therapists and dancers.
- Workshop of Innertango.