Theoretical Fundaments

The Rogerian idea about the relationship between therapist and client has a lot to do with the relationship within the tango couple, at least, when talking about a therapeutic approach on Tango. The three conditions, that Rogers considered essential for a therapeutic relationship, should also characterize this kind of relationship, and if this is achieved, it enhances personal growth. These conditions are: empathy, authenticity and unconditional positive regard. They imply getting, somehow, ‘attuned’ with the feelings of the other while being fully oneself and accepting the other (in the way he is) as a different human being.

Creating a relationship where people can be fully accepted, feel free to be authentic and to express their inner selves through their movement, is what the embrace of tango aims to accomplish in this perspective.

The relational dimension in InnerTango is double; from the one hand, the relationship between the dancing partners, which imply working on the connection with the Other.  On the other hand, the relationship with oneself is about reaching deeper self-balance.

The inner communication and access to internal states it is meant in the way of the Experiential approach. What Eugene Gendlin called “felt sense” is the bodily awareness of experiencing.

Then, InnerTango takes from Roger the concept of relationship, as in the therapeutic manner, and from Gendlin the idea of inner felt sense, the concept that the “unconscious is the body” and every information it has been registered in our body. Then, getting access to the way our body senses the experiences of life provides us with a tool to understand better the present moment and for gaining insight about the issues that cause us concern.

InnerTango also takes the notion of inner movement as stated by Danis Bois. He affirms that the fascia (the tissue that recover all organs) is the place where all the experiences are stored as bodily memories. The inner movement is the channel that makes those memories flow. In occasions, because of the presence of some trauma, this flow is interrupted or blocked at certain point. Identifying these spots and accessing their “felt sense” give us the chance to gain awareness about their causes and meaning and, finally, to heal them.