Romina Tumini

She was born in Argentina in June of 1975. She started to study ballet (and other dances) in 1981 and Tango in 1994. Since then she has been teaching and dancing Tango in different places of Argentina, Europe and USA, together with great Tango dancers as Fabian Salas, Esteban Moreno, Diego Riemer, Silvio Lavia, Juan Manuel Nieto and actually Gabriel Marino.

She organizes, since 2003, the Tango Greece Festival, which is an international Tango festival held, at the end of July, in different Greek islands. It always counts with several of the best tango dancers and teachers in the world. (

Romina became Professor in Primary Education in Argentina in 1995 and Bachelor in Psychology at the Open University, UK in 2005. After that she studied a Master in Clinic Psychopedagogy in Spain, and a Specialization in Focusing oriented Trauma Therapy at the Hellenic Focusing Center, where she continues her studies on Experiential and Focusing oriented Psychotherapy. Actually, she also studies body-Psychopedagogy with the method of Danis Bois at the center Kinoun in Athens.

She studied Tango Therapy in Argentina with Dr Federico Trossero.